Lift and Shift Equipment for Your Warehouse, Site or Project

worker-loading-boxes-into-a-van-with-a-material-liftConstruction sites are a notoriously dangerous work environment. Risks related to working on construction sites include falls from height, slips, trips and the dangers associated with working with heavy materials. The manual handling of heavy materials is one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. 

Employing lift and shift equipment proves invaluable for mitigating the risk of injury and ensuring safety on construction projects. These specialised tools provide efficient and safe means for loading, unloading and transporting heavy materials safely.

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What is Lift and Shift Equipment?

Lift and shift equipment, as the name suggests, is a term that encompasses a range of powered or manually operated devices designed to move and lift heavy or awkward materials effortlessly. 

When is Lift and Shift Equipment Used?

Lift and shift equipment is used for tasks such as loading materials into (and unloading materials from) vehicles, moving heavy loads from one part of a building to another, placing stock onto racking or shelving, assisting in moving cumbersome objects up or down stairs or elevating materials onto scaffolding or roofs. The use of this type of equipment plays an important role in avoiding potential injuries related to heavy lifting.

The equipment that will be covered in this article plays a crucial role in warehouse operations, deliveries, renovation projects, manufacturing and construction. 

An example of the use of lift and shift equipment might be the use of a pallet truck or a manual lift in a small warehouse where larger machinery such as forklifts or scissor lifts may not be practical.

pallet-truck-on-warehouse-floor-near-stack-of-palletsWhat are Some Types of Lift and Shift Equipment?

There are a great number of specialised tools and machines available for different tasks and settings. Essential equipment used in construction includes:

Electric Scaffold Hoists

The IMER DIRECT TR225 electric scaffold hoist is a device that attaches to a scaffold using a bracket and uses a motor with a rope to lift materials or equipment up to different levels of the scaffold tower. This particular machine can effortlessly lift loads of up to 200kg as long as they can be safely attached to the hook, making it an ideal choice for construction tasks as an alternative to manual hoists.

Genie Manual Lifts

The GENIE SLA10 manual lift is a reliable manual solution for lifting materials. This lift can be used for lifting, carrying and positioning materials and objects at different heights and for loading and unloading vehicles. It can handle loads of up to 454 kg and can be easily transported, weighing no more than 137.4 kg. It can fit through doorways and it can be packed into the back of a truck or van. It's particularly useful for working in warehouses and storerooms, where you might not be able to fit a forklift. It can be used with a number of attachments such as a pipe cradle attachment or various fork attachments and has a maximum lift height of 3.49 m.

Plasterboard Lifters

Specialised tasks demand specialised tools, and the LEVPANO LL 514000 plasterboard lifter delivers just that. Designed for plasterboard and panel handling, this lifter ensures a steady and secure hold on the material you are working with. It comes with three legs with locking wheels to make manoeuvring easy, and a stand that can be adjusted to the necessary angle or swivelled into the right position.

Other Equipment

In addition to these featured tools, other lift and shift equipment can provide support for various tasks such as warehouse maintenance, construction projects or renovations. 

- Sack barrows are usually seen used by delivery drivers for transporting heavy objects such as large boxes or furniture manually. Some come with a special set of wheels designed to easily go up and down stairs.
- Chain blocks and tackle are used for lifting heavy objects. They utilise a geared mechanism which makes this task easier and the load lighter. 
- Gin wheels are used for lifting materials up onto a scaffold.
- Pallet trucks are a manual alternative to the forklift, used for moving pallets with or without objects loaded onto them.

Why Choose Tool Chest Hire for Lift and Shift Equipment Hire?

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