Cart, Trolley and Sack Barrow Hire

At Tool Chest Hire, we specialise in providing high-quality handling and lifting equipment designed to meet the unique demands of your projects. We stock professional-grade equipment designed to ensure safety and efficiency for work in warehouses, on deliveries and on construction tasks. Explore our range of material handling tools below:

  • Beam Bogey: Designed for transporting bulky and heavy pipes, beams and other lengthy materials, this trolley ensures efficiency and reliability in your material movement operations.
  • Sack Barrow: Also known as dolleys, boxcarts or hand trolleys, sack barrows are essential for safely loading, unloading and moving heavy items. These carts make light work of deliveries and stock organisation in warehouses.
  • Sack Barrow for Stairs: Our stair-climbing sack barrows prove ideal for heavy deliveries to cellars or to upper building levels when a lift isn’t an option.

Why Choose Tool Chest Hire?

Located in Hammersmith, Tool Chest Hire is your trusted partner for lift and shift equipment in West London, offering a diverse selection of high-quality products for various applications. Whether you are interested in beam bogey or sack trolley hire, we have the perfect equipment for your project. Contact us at 020 8748 7912 for more information. Our team is always happy to take your call.