Lift and Shift Equipment

At Tool Chest Hire, we are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of lift and shift equipment, suitable for handling various loads. Whether you need to transport materials across the site or lift heavy loads to great heights, we have the perfect tools for the job. Browse our selection of lifting equipment hire solutions below:

Our Range of Lift and Shift Tools

  • Barrows/Carts/Trolleys: Streamline your material transportation with our sturdy barrows and trolleys.
  • Chain Blocks/Clamps: For vertical lifting in tight spaces, our chain blocks and clamps deliver the power and precision required for smooth operations.
  • Ginny Wheels: Ideal for the horizontal movement of heavy loads, our ginny wheels ensure controlled and safe transportation across your construction site.
  • Material Lifts: Our material lifts are designed to handle heavy lifting with ease, providing a reliable solution for your transportation needs.
  • Pallet Trucks: For swift and secure movement of palletised loads, our pallet trucks are the go-to choice for any construction project.
  • Scaffold Hoists: Safely lift construction materials to elevated work areas with our scaffold hoists, offering a seamless and secure vertical transport solution.
  • Plasterboard Lifter: Tackle the unique challenges of plasterboard installation effortlessly. Our lifter is designed to easily lift plasterboard or drywall products into position, ready to fix at the desired height and angle.


Why Choose Our Lifting Equipment Hire Solutions?

Lifting and shifting heavy loads demands precision, expertise and reliable equipment to ensure the safety of everybody on site. At Tool Chest Hire, we go beyond just providing tools. We offer peace of mind. Our equipment is meticulously maintained, thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to meet the highest safety standards. To learn more about our lift and shift equipment for hire, please get in touch. Call our experienced team today on 020 8748 7912.