Site Safety & Security Equipment

Construction sites can pose security threats. With valuable materials, machinery and tools present, the risk of theft and vandalism is a constant concern. Tool Chest Hire recognises the importance of safety and security on construction sites. We provide high-quality equipment that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure maximum protection for everyone on site. 

When it comes to construction site safety and security, we are your trusted partner. Browse our selection of site safety and security equipment below:

Our Site Safety Equipment

  • Fencing and Barriers: Ensure the safety and control of your construction site with our quality fencing and barriers. Designed to prevent unauthorised access and mark hazardous zones, we have the right solutions to suit your site safety needs.
  • Personnel Safety: Prioritising the well-being of your workers is non-negotiable. Our selection of personnel safety equipment includes state-of-the-art safety harnesses designed to meet industry standards. These harnesses provide essential fall protection, ensuring that your workforce can execute tasks at heights with confidence and security.
  • Security Boxes: Construction sites are home to valuable equipment and materials, making them susceptible to theft and vandalism. Our security boxes offer a reliable solution to safeguard your tools. Equipped with robust locking mechanisms, these boxes provide an added layer of defence against unauthorised access, giving you peace of mind.


Why Choose Tool Chest Hire for Site Safety Equipment?

When it comes to construction safety and security, we have everything you need to protect your tools and your workers. With our full range of equipment, we can cater to the needs of various construction projects and enhance the safety and security of your specific site. To learn more about our construction site security equipment, please call us on 020 8748 7912 today. We look forward to hearing from you.