Plumbing & Pumping Equipment Hire

For all your plumbing and pumping equipment needs, Tool Chest Hire has you covered. We offer an extensive selection of tools and machines tailored to assist with central heating maintenance, drain clearing and testing, pipe freezing, plumbing hand tools, testing equipment and water pumping. When it comes to plumbing projects, trust Tool Chest Hire to provide the right equipment for the job. Explore our product range below:

Our Plumbing Equipment Hire Range

 -  Central Heating Maintenance Equipment: Ensure the proper functioning of your central heating systems with our central heating maintenance equipment, including our central heating flushers.

 -  Drain Clearing and Testing Equipment: When it's time to clear and test drains, our equipment is designed to make the process efficient and effective. Keep your plumbing systems in excellent condition with our drain clearing and testing tools.

 -  Pipe Freezing Kit Hire: Freeze pipes quickly and securely for repairs or modifications using our pipe freezing equipment. It's a safe and convenient way to work on plumbing systems without draining them.

 -  Plumbing Tool Hire: Our plumbing hand tools cover a wide range of applications, from gulley scoops to immersion spanners, ensuring that you have the right tool for the task at hand.

 -  Testing Equipment: For accurate measurements and testing in plumbing projects, rely on our testing equipment. We offer a variety of instruments to ensure your plumbing systems are in proper working order, including water pressure testers.

 -  Water Pump Hire: When water needs to be moved efficiently, our water pumping equipment is the solution. We provide a selection of pumps suitable for various applications, from construction sites to flood control.


Why Choose Tool Chest Hire for Plumbing Equipment Hire?

At Tool Chest Hire, we take your plumbing projects seriously. We provide a range of professional plumbing and pumping solutions to commercial and residential clients in Hammersmith and throughout the Greater London area. If you have any questions about our plumbing equipment range, get in touch on 020 8748 7912. Our friendly team is always happy to be of service.