Drilling and breaking equipment explained

man drilling hole into concrete floorExploring Essential Breaking and Drilling Equipment for Construction and DIY Projects

Breaking and drilling equipment form the backbone of any construction or DIY project. From simple rotary drills to hydraulic breakers, right angle and magnetic drills, a diverse range of tools caters to specific needs, offering efficiency and precision. Trade professionals are clearly familiar with the most suitable tools for each task, but no one who contemplates tool hire is an expert in every area.

If you have ever found yourself scrolling through a website looking at breakers and drills, unsure of the uses for some of this equipment, read on. In this brief guide we’ll delve into the world of these essential tools and explore their applications.


Precision drilling equipment for intricate projects:

Maybe you have seen a large hole drilled into granite or concrete. The hole is perfect, and clearly not made with a regular drill - this is where diamond core drills and diamond drilling rigs come in:

  • Diamond core drills are specialised machines engineered for specific drilling needs across various materials like concrete, stone and ceramics. Their exceptional precision owes to the use of diamond-tipped bits, guaranteeing clean and ultra-accurate cuts. The application of diamond drills and rigs often finds prominence in tasks where accuracy is not just desirable but critical—such as creating holes for plumbing or electrical installations in delicate surfaces. Their ability to carve through sturdy surfaces while maintaining the integrity of surrounding areas makes them indispensable for intricate and high-stakes projects.

The MAKITA 8406 110v Diamond Drill is a hammer drill ideal for plumbers, electricians or general contractors, whereas the WEKA 32 Diamond Drill Rig is best for larger projects. It is composed of a drill and a rig which attaches to the surface where the hole will be made, ensuring precision with a heavy machine that would otherwise be difficult to manoeuvre due to its weight and size.


Concrete breaker being used on pavingHeavy-duty breaking equipment for tasks demanding substantial force and power

Breakers are known to everyone. They do not go unnoticed with the loud noise they produce as they shatter concrete. Maybe you have wondered how anyone can handle the violent vibrations as they travel through the machine and up the operator's arms, but new advancements in technology have made these machines easier and more comfortable to use.

  • Among the heavyweight champions in the demolition realm, hydraulic breakers such as the HYCON HPP09 Hydraulic Breaker use hydraulic power to to apply force capable of shattering concrete, asphalt and other robust materials with remarkable efficiency. Their adaptability to various demolition requirements, coupled with their ability to pulverise tough surfaces swiftly, makes them indispensable in large-scale construction and demolition projects. The precision of these machines ensures efficient breaking without causing collateral damage to adjacent structures.
  • Electric breakers are designed to tackle larger projects. These machines are well-suited for an array of demolition and renovation tasks. Electric breakers are the ideal choice for work in low emission zones or for indoor breaking work.

If you are looking for a company that offers concrete breaker hire, at Tool Chest Hire we have you covered with our MAKITA HM1812 110v Heavy Breaker, the first Makita electric breaker to have vibration absorbing housing, dramatically reducing the transmission of vibrations to the operator’s arms. This particular machine makes the job easier and more comfortable, reducing stress on the body and preventing injuries.


Versatile drilling equipment for projects with varying needs and spaces

Maybe you're looking to drill through a hard surface like concrete, drill holes into metal with accuracy, or drill a hole in a place that's hard to reach. While a regular cordless drill might be sufficient, in this section we'll cover tools to make the job easier, more precise and faster. Let's start with the most impressive and ingenious of these machines:

  • Magnetic drills or mag drills such as the UNIBOR EQ50 110v 12-50mm Magnetic Drill are crafted with powerful magnets, allowing them to adhere firmly to metal surfaces, facilitating precise hole drilling in metalworking applications. Their magnetic adherence ensures stability and accuracy, crucial for tasks demanding precise drilling in metal fabrication or assembly.
  • The MAKITA 6300LR 110v right angle drill makes navigation of confined spaces effortless, offering manoeuvrability and access to areas where standard drills struggle to reach. The compact design of right angle drills and the adjustable angles make them ideal for tight corners and restricted spaces, ensuring precision and efficiency in drilling where conventional tools face limitations.
  • Combining the functionalities of drilling and hammering actions, rotary hammer drills like the 110v SDS HR2630 Makita Hammer Drill excel in tasks requiring both drilling and impactful force. They are particularly good in concrete drilling for anchors or fasteners, where the combination of drilling and hammering actions ensures efficient and precise perforation, thereby providing a secure foundation for structural elements.
  • Impact drivers, also known as impact wrenches, are ideal for precise and rapid fastening and unfastening. Their unique mechanism delivers high torque, allowing for swift insertion and extraction of fasteners across diverse materials without exerting excessive manual force. Machines like the TD1010F 110v MAKITA Impact Driver are perfect for various applications. They prevent cam-out, ensuring a secure engagement between the driver bit and fastener, preserving both surface integrity and project precision. Their ergonomic design reduces user fatigue, improving comfort in DIY and construction tasks.

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Choosing the right drilling or breaking equipment is paramount for successful construction and DIY projects. Each type of tool showcased here offers unique advantages and caters to specific project requirements. At Tool Chest Hire we offer a range of machines that you can browse through here. Feel free to look through our inventory, or get in touch with us on 020 8748 7912. Our friendly team is always happy to take your call.