What Type of Ladder is Best for My Project?

view from below of person climbing ladderWhen it comes to tackling various projects around your home, garden or workplace, having the right equipment is essential to ensure safety, efficiency and quality results. One tool that often proves indispensable is the ladder. But with a plethora of ladder types available in the market, how do you determine which one is best suited for your specific project? At Tool Chest Hire in Hammersmith we have the stock and the experience to provide the best solutions for your projects, read on to learn more about our ladder hire solutions for working at height.

Common types of ladder for commercial and residential projects

Combination Ladders: Versatility at Its Best

Description: Combination ladders are a true embodiment of versatility. They are designed to serve multiple purposes, making them a go-to choice for a wide range of projects. These ladders typically feature adjustable sections that allow them to be used in various configurations, such as a step ladder, extension ladder or even as a scaffold base.

Suitable Projects and Industries: Combination ladders are ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks. They are perfect for painting high walls, reaching ceilings and performing maintenance work. In the construction industry, they prove invaluable for tasks that require a stable platform, such as electrical work or installing fixtures. Homeowners, decorators and tradespeople alike can benefit from the convenience and adaptability of combination ladders.

Extension Ladders: Reaching New Heights

Description: If your project requires you to access great heights, extension ladders are your best bet. These ladders are designed to extend, providing the extra reach needed for tasks such as gutter cleaning, tree trimming or roof repairs. They usually consist of two or more sections that slide over one another, allowing you to adjust the height as needed.

Suitable Projects and Industries: Extension ladders are essential for outdoor tasks that involve working at elevated positions. Gardeners can use them for pruning tall trees, while contractors can employ them for exterior building maintenance. Roofers often rely on extension ladders for accessing rooftops safely. These ladders are an invaluable tool in industries where working at height is a common requirement.

Roof Ladders: Scaling Safely

Description: Although different types of ladder are commonly used for roof work, roof ladders are specifically designed for working on sloped surfaces, such as roofs. They have hooks at the top that securely attach to the ridge of the roof, providing stability and preventing the ladder from slipping down.

Suitable Projects and Industries: As the name suggests, roof ladders are a must-have for any roofing project. They allow workers to access roofs without causing damage to the surface or compromising their safety. Roofers, solar panel installers and chimney repair professionals can all benefit from the specialised design of roof ladders.

Step Ladders: A Steady Platform

Description: Step ladders are perhaps the most common type of ladder found in households and workplaces. They feature a self-supporting A-frame design, with steps on one side and a horizontal bar on the other, providing a stable platform for various tasks.

Suitable Projects and Industries: Step ladders are versatile and widely used for indoor projects such as changing light bulbs, reaching high shelves or hanging decorations. In commercial settings, they are handy for retail displays, restocking shelves and routine maintenance tasks. They are also a staple in hospitality businesses for tasks like cleaning and maintenance.

Trestles & Stagings: Creating Elevated Workspaces

Description: Trestles and stagings are not traditional ladder designs but rather elevated platforms that provide a workspace above ground level. Trestles are horizontal supports placed on sturdy legs, while stagings are large platforms supported by trestles. They are often used in pairs and provide a sturdy surface for working on projects that require more space and stability than a ladder can offer.

Suitable Projects and Industries: Trestles and stagings are invaluable in construction and carpentry. They are used for tasks like sawing, sanding and painting larger items or areas that might comfortably be accessible with a ladder. These platforms are also common in theatre and event setups for creating raised surfaces for performers or technicians.

Aluminium Towers: Height with Safety

Description: Aluminium towers, also known as scaffold towers, are freestanding structures that provide a secure and stable elevated work platform. They consist of multiple levels or platforms that can be accessed via ladders or stairs, allowing for a larger working area at height.

Suitable Projects and Industries: Aluminium towers are widely used in the construction, maintenance and painting industries. They are perfect for projects that require an extended period of work at elevated positions, such as façade painting, exterior maintenance and repair works. These towers offer enhanced safety and flexibility compared to traditional ladders, making them a top choice for professionals working at height.


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As you can see, the type of ladder you choose for your project significantly impacts both the safety and efficiency of your work. Tool Chest Hire, based in Hammersmith, West London, offers a comprehensive selection of ladder types to cater to a wide range of projects and industries. Whether you're a homeowner, tradesperson or business owner, having the right ladder from Tool Chest Hire can make all the difference in achieving successful and quality results for your tasks. Remember, always prioritise safety and choose the ladder that best suits the demands of your specific project. For more information on our range of ladders, or for helpful advice on access solutions, contact our Hammersmith depot today on 020 8748 7912. At Tool Chest Hire we are always happy to be of service.